Fine Arts & Collectibles

Since 1982, insuring Fine Art and Collectibles has been one of our core specialties.  Hugh Wood, our founder, is a world renowned stamp collector himself and as a natural partner to the philatelic insurances. We have developed products for stamps, coins, precious metals, fine art, jewelry, wines etc.

We specialize in the insurance of:

♦  Stamps and philatelic related items
♦  Coins, paper money and numismatic related items
♦  Fine Art, antiques, objects d’art
♦  Gold, bullion, other precious metals
♦  Depositories & Refineries
♦  Grading houses, appraisers, expertisers
♦  Wine and wine storage
♦  Jewelers Block
♦  Sports memorabilia
♦  Exhibition organizers (event cancellation insurance)


Dedicated Fine art professionals in key offices across the world.

HW International Group